Rebate amount is $50 for a qualifying refrigerator/freezer. To participate in the Xcel Energy Refrigerator Recycling Program you must:

Be a residential electric customer of Xcel Energy living in Texas.

  • Provide a valid Xcel Energy account number.

  • Have the appliance picked up from the residential address listed on your billing account.

  • Own the refrigerator or freezer you are recycling.

  • Appliance must be in working (cooling/freezing) order.

  • Appliance must be plugged i at the time of pickup.

  • Primary (kitchen) and secondary (garage/basement/other) refrigerators and freezers are accepted.

  • Only recycle up to two refrigerators and/or freezers per household, per program year.

  • Have a refrigerator/freezer that is between 7.75 - 30 cubic feet.

Most miniature and commercially-sized refrigerators do not qualify. Any freezer must be a stand-alone unit. Rebate amount is subject to change.

To schedule your appointment over the phone, call 888-564-7003.